Plus size costumes

Check out some of these incredibly sexy  plus size Halloween costumes. I love shopping at Amazon because they have so many different choices. I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon myself. I thought I would share some of their Halloween plus size costume ideas because they have so many. I’m pretty sure I know what I’m going to be for Halloween this year. I’m thinking I might dress up in day of the dead attire like I did last year. I’ve been kinda obsessed with that particular theme for a while now. Let me explain. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday as long as I can remember until about 4 years ago. I’m an only child and have always been really close to my parents. We would go to the movies and dinner almost every weekend. And then when I got married to my wonderful husband Martin, my parents pretty much adopted him as one of us. So when my dad got pancreatic cancer 4 years ago, it really hit us all pretty hard. And the worst part is that he died on Halloween. So you can see how that particular holiday kinda took on a different feeling to me and my family. I wouldn’t even celebrate Halloween for about 2 years and then I finally started thinking about the Hispanic significance of the day even though I’m not Mexican . They would celebrate the lives of their dead loved ones on Los Dias De Los Muertos. I really like that idea. So that’s why I’ve been dressing like that for the last couple of years. I really think it’s a beautiful way to remember my dad. Halloween has taken on a deeper significance to me now. Maybe eventually I will start dressing in different costumes again but right now I’m just going with my feelings. Check out some of Amazon’s awesome costume choices below at this link.

Plus size costumes

There are a lot of cool places that you can get plus size halloween costumes nowadays. They definitely have a lot more choices than they did in the past. And a lot of them are very Sexy too. Torrid is another awesome place that you can get costumes. And then party city has a lot more choices for plus sizes than it used to. Plus they have hundreds of really creepy masks and theatrical makeup supplies so you can pretty much be whoever or whatever you want to be. You could be a pirate or a wicked witch or a  sexy vampire or a scary zombie or clown like on the movie It or an alluring mermaid or even a famous person like Cleopatra. That’s the fun part of Halloween. Be whoever or whatever you want for that one day. And believe me when I say that I have seen some really unique costumes. I can honestly say that I have tried several of the different costumes from Amazon, especially the Leg Avenue ones, and I really like the way they fit and look. They are very flattering and not too complicated to put on. And they all come at a really decent price which is a big bonus too plus most things at Amazon ship extremely fast and free. At least that’s why I really love shopping there because I hate waiting forever for a package. Hopefully this will help some of you find a cool costume this year. Have A Happy Halloween.

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