Hi. My name is Erin and this is my about me page. So here goes. I decided to create this website because I thought it would be a fun and creative thing to do. The job I do now does not have any creativity to it. I want to do something that stimulates my imagination. Plus I’m getting ready to retire at the relatively young age of 50 and I wanted something fun to do. And I love fashion and different styles of clothes. So why not write about it.

  I am writing this because I am a plus size woman myself and I know how hard it can be to find that perfect outfit that shows off your curves in the most complimentary way. For the longest time it seemed like society just expected anybody over a size 10 to wear a mumu and hide our curves. But Thank God the mainstream is finally changing enough to include plus size people. And more and more stores are finally carrying larger sizes. But we still have a long way to go.

   I absolutely love it when I find a new sexy outfit that feels like it was made for me. And I know there are lots of other women out there who feel the same way. But maybe they just don’t know where they should shop for that perfect outfit that accentuates all of their curves.

   So that’s where I am hoping I can help other plus-sized women out there. I really love the idea of searching for the perfect plus-sized outfits for every occasion and sharing what I find with anyone who happens to be reading my blog. I will be reviewing different types of clothes and the latest trends. And if I find an awesome body positive article that makes me feel good, then I will probably share it too.

I really love the idea of helping someone find the perfect outfit for any occasion. Whether you are looking for an outfit for a wedding or for business or even a bathing suit, hopefully I will be able to help. And there really should be a lot more choices out there now than there ever were before.

   I will be sharing whatever I find and hopefully if someone else has something positive to share or some awesome new store that caters to plus sized women, they will hopefully share it too. There are so many different looks and fashions in the world. We just need to know where to find these hidden treasures.

Sincerely Erin M.


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